Follow Me

Terms and conditions


Follow Me and our guides will not assume responsibility or liability for any loss or damage of personal effects or for any injury or loss during the duration of a tour or event. Therefore, baggage, health/accident and travel insurance are highly recommended. Follow Me does not provide health/ accident or travel insurance directly to the participant.

Follow Me assumes no responsibility for any lost or stolen items during the course of the tour.

Cancellations and Refunds

Follow Me also reserve the right to cancel a tour for any participant at any time during the tour.

Follow Me reserve the right to cancel a tour due to lack of participation, sickness of a guide or other valid reason. In this unlikely event a 100% refund would be granted. Follow Me will not accept any personal expenses incurred as a result of a tour cancellation

No refunds will be made for cancellations during a tour

For cancellations received 60 days or more in advance 90% refund will be made.

For cancellations received less than 60 days in advance 50% refund will be made.

For cancellations received less than 30 days in advance no refund will be made.


Participants must expect to be involved in adventurous and sometimes strenuous activities. Participants are expected to be of good general health. A medical declaration must have been completed as part of the booking process. Any illness or injury accruing between time of declaration and the event must be declared prior to the event. Follow Me reserves the right to refuse entry on medical grounds

Data Protection

Personal information requested by Follow Me at the time of booking or subsequently will be held on computer and in its original form. By providing us with the information to process your booking you are agreeing that the information may be kept and accessed by authorised company personnel.

Applicable law

The laws of England will govern the participants contract with Follow Me and disputes will be dealt with under the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales